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    My TriVette is # 17 of 27 manufactured


    I found out about the TriVettes around 1977 from the back of a magazine (I believe it was Popular Science but not sure). I got a brochure from the company and the love affair started. I remembered the name but lost the brochure - then the Internet came!
    I collect "strange" cars, so I search eBay weekly. Finally I saw the TriVette listed. I wasn't looking for one but just for strange vehicles in general. I bid and won the auction.
    I bought a car hauler and extra ramps (remember the third wheel) and set out to get my prize. It was part of an estate sale and I purchased it from the previous owner's daughter (Karen). It turns out that her dad (Neil) had bought it to fix it up and trade for an ultralight aircraft. He bought it from a colonel in California. He towed it back from California to North Carolina. On his trip back the TriVette blew a tire and it damaged part of the fiberglass body. He then set about having the body repaired. The fender was the only part really damged so he got hold of the original designer and manufacturer Bob Keyes. Bob then made molds of the section and sent them out to Neil. The repair guy had it for 3 years!!! Not because it was that tough but just because he never got around to it. The body was finally finished and repainted and returned to Neil. He never finished the TriVette restoration. During storage the same fender got hit and needs to be repaired again! The wiring is in dire need of redoing, as is carpeting etc.; after all it is a 29-year-old vehicle. Dan (Karen's husband) drove the TriVette up onto the car hauler. I know the car runs! Karen and her family were very helpful and very hospitable, thanks! I made it home and unloaded the vehicle.


    Since it's too cold out to fiberglass, I'll wait 'til spring to do that. In the meantime I'm:
    1) evaluating the TriVette for safety and finish
    2) looking for replacement parts (this is TOUGH!)
    3) making up a new wiring harness to replace the existing one
    4) find and install all lights - headlights, turn, brake, etc.
    5) test and restore dashboard
    6) etc.


    Removed engine cover latch (broken)
    Removed right mirror (broken)

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